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Love my bus - Blog 3

24 Oct 2019

Love my bus red

Meet the next #lovemybus champion - Emma! 

'Community, ease and taking cars off the road'


The #lovemybus champions are taking the bus for a whole year from Kilmarnock or Ayr to Glasgow and reporting back on their experiences. The champions will share what taking the bus means for their daily routine and the stories and anecdotes that they find on their journey. Emma began the campaign by saying she chooses the bus because it is convenient, cheap and simple. 


How is your Journey going? 
It has been quite pleasant so far, they seem to use the same driver every day and he is quite nice, and we have a good rapport. 


Is any of the information the lovemybus team have been sharing new/interesting to you?

On the back of the X77 the figure says, ‘this bus takes 75 cars off the road’ and that was really surprising to me, but it was great to hear.  I definitely do not find the journey stressful, driving that journey to Uni is so much more stressful than taking the bus. I have a 5-minute walk from the house to the bus stop, which is nice, and far less stressful than driving. 


What are you enjoying about your journey? 
I like the community feeling, and that I see the same group of people every day. It’s always nice to see some friendly faces. It can be a really nice way to start the day. It is also so easy to get to university. 


Are there any challenges on your journey?
I don’t think so. The only thing that comes to mind is that there used to be 3 buses to Uni every day, and now there is only 2 so sometimes I get there a little too early, but it’s OK, as I just go and get a coffee.


Any other stories you’d like to share?
This morning’s bus driver was a new face for us on the bus, we think he may have been covering a holiday or sickness. He was very pleasant but a little apprehensive as he hadn’t completed the Uni bus journey in a few years and was worried he would forget the route. Those of us that get the bus to the University sat at the front and made sure to keep the driver on the right track (although he did fine himself, we just wanted to double check he had some backup in case he got a little lost). It’s really nice to see the morning bus community come together and lend a helping hand. It’s such a nice atmosphere on the bus as you do get to know the same faces, and that makes commuting on the bus such a pleasant experience.


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