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Following changes to government guidance in England and Wales more seats are available on our buses and standing is allowed. There will also be more seats available in Scotland.

Please continue to wear a face covering throughout your journey, unless you’re exempt. 

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Barnsley Drivers Go the Extra Mile

23 Apr 2021

Barnsley drivers, Jeffrey Mann and Iain Kirk, went the extra mile for a special customer this Easter.

Dressed in their Stagecoach uniform, Jeff and Iain delivered a selection of hand-picked Easter goodies to Stagecoach regular, Ellie Hobson. The pair first met Ellie back in 2010, when they drove the buses on 22 Gilroyd service. Jeff and Iain both worked the route six days a week and made many friends along the way – one of them being Ellie.

Jeff told Iain that he wanted to do something special for Ellie – who had always greeted Jeff and Iain with an infectious smile and an enthusiastic wave. Together they devised a plan to surprise Ellie at her home with a basket full of Easter treats. “We didn’t even know if they would be in, so it could have gone a bit wrong” Iain told us. Luckily, Ellie and her mum, Sonia, were home and were overjoyed when they opened the door to Jeff and Iain. 

The thoughtful gesture left Sonia speechless, describing Jeff and Iain on Facebook as “wonderful people”. 

Sue Hayes, Operations Director at Stagecoach Yorkshire said: “We are incredibly proud of the generosity of both Jeff and Iain’s actions. Their selfless act truly highlights the importance of kindness, goodwill, and going the extra mile for our customers.”

Barnsley Drivers Go the Extra MileBarnsley Drivers Go the Extra Mile