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Flexi tickets

New flexible bus tickets

Now available in Sunderland

We know that plans can change... 

Our new Flexi tickets offer fantastic savings and put you in full control of your bus ticket, so we’re delighted to bring Flexi tickets to Sunderland.

Flexi tickets are just like our popular DayRider tickets. When you choose Flexi in bundles of 5 or 10, you have 12 months to choose which day to use your bus ticket - all while saving up to 30% on the cost! 

Flexi5 – 5 DayRiders for the price of 4 (20% off). You choose when to use your ticket within 12 months. 

Flexi10 – 10 DayRiders for the price of 7 (30% off). You choose when to use your ticket within 12 months.

Where to buy

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  Stagecoach Bus App 

On the App

Flexible tickets are easy and quick to buy on the Stagecoach Bus App. You can pay with a bank card, Paypal, Apple or Google Pay.

Simply find your Flexi ticket in the Multi-trip tickets section on the app. Once your payment is complete your tickets will immediately be stored in the app ready to activate and use.

Remember to only activate one ticket at a time on the day you need to use it.




Why are Flexi tickets only available in Sunderland? 
Sunderland has been chosen to pilot this new ticket type available on the app. We hope to be able to bring Flexi tickets to more of our zones soon.   

Can I buy a Flexi student ticket? 
As this is a pilot Flexi tickets are only available for adults in Sunderland. We hope to be able to bring Flexi tickets to more of our ticket types (student, child, young person etc) soon.  

Can I buy Flexi tickets online or on board?
Flexi tickets are currently only available on the Stagecoach Bus App.

Can I use my Flexi ticket on all the buses in Sunderland?
Yes! If there's a Stagecoach bus for your journey, your Flexi ticket will be accepted.

Flexi Ticket Terms & Conditions

  • Flexi Tickets are currently only available in Sunderland.
  • Purchase Flexi5 and you'll get 5 adult DayRider tickets for your selected zone. 
  • Purchase Flexi10 and you'll get 10 adult DayRider tickets for your selected zone. 
  • Once purchased your tickets must be activated and used within 12 months. Any unused tickets will expire and cannot be used.
  • Mobile tickets are valid until 0400 on the day after activation.
  • Not valid on special contract services.
  • This is an introductory offer and may be subject to change.

Using your mobile tickets:
Travel is only permitted where evidence of a valid ticket can be provided to the driver as you board the vehicle. It is your responsibility to ensure your phone battery has enough power to last your journey. If you are not able to power your phone to show your ticket to the driver then you will be required to purchase another ticket for your journey.
View our full conditions of carriage here.