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Banbury Gateway Shopping Park

Getting the bus to Banbury Gateway Shopping Park

Stagecoach operates a number of services in to and close to the Banbury Gateway Shopping Park, making it the easy alternative to driving and parking.


B6 - Banbury to Banbury Gateway Shuttle - runs half hourly Monday to Sunday from Bridge Street to the shopping park 

view  B6 timetable

500 - Banbury to Chacombe, Middleton Cheney and Brackley, Monday to Sunday (with early morning connections to Banbury Gateway)  

view 500 timetable

200 - Daventry - - Woodford Halse -  Chipping Warden - Banbury, Monday to Saturday

view 200 timetable


All journeys on the 200 and most journeys on the 500* stop on Ermonts Way, a short walk to the Banbury Gateway Shopping Park. The early morning journeys on the 500, leaving from Banbury Bus station Bay 5, will take passengers onto the stop at Banbury Gateway.




How much does it cost?

Use our journey planner to find the exact fare for your journey, as a guide the current prices for Banbury Town Centre to Banbury Gateway Shopping Park are:

Adult Single - £2.00

Child Single £1.30 

Adult Dayrider £3.20

Child Dayrider £2.10

Group Dayrider £5.30

Is my Banbury Megarider valid on the service?

Yes, you can use your Banbury Megarider  pass on the shuttle service.

Where can I find out more information about Banbury Gateway?

Visit the Banbury Gateway website.