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Take a peek behind the scenes at Stagecoach South East

There's a lot more to running buses than meets the eye. At Stagecoach South East we employ 1,300 people, operate 439 buses, and over the course of a year, our buses travel 18 million miles on the roads of Kent and East Sussex - that’s the same distance as going to the moon and back 38 times!

Impressive eh? But how hard can it really be to run a bus service? Well, you could say that it’s like a big jigsaw puzzle with lots of pieces that have to be put together every day. Our buses need to be maintained and cleaned, our people equipped and fully trained. We need duties and rotas for the drivers, and people to control who does what, where and when. There are scheduled (and unplanned!) roadworks, inspectors who check things and networks to plan - we haven’t even mentioned driving the buses yet!

Join us for a day in the life of a Stagecoach colleague and discover how all the pieces fit together. Each month we'll turn the spotlight on someone who works at Stagecoach South East. From drivers to managers, cleaners and engineers, we'll shine a light on the work they do. You’ll hear first-hand what kind of tasks they complete and what challenges they face day to day. Above all you'll get to meet some of the human faces that help bring buses your way.



A day in the life February

Chris Clabby, Controller 

A day in the life April

Gareth Wilson, Evening Service Operative Supervisor

A day in the life June

Mark Wallis, Engineering Director

A day in the life August

Dimitri Bridgland, Network Planning Manager 

A day in the life October

Vicky Fright, Engineering System Coordinator


A day in the life March

Skilled Electrician, Lewis Jenkins 

A day in the life May

Phil Laker, Bus Driver 

A day in the life July

Sean Matthews, Banksperson

A day in the life September

Katherine Jones, Operations Manager

A day in the life November

Susan Horn, Operations Improvement Manager

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