10 things to remember to bring on a summer trip by bus

20 Jun 2022

Summer has arrived! So, we have put together a list of items to remember to bring on a summer day trip by bus.


1. Baby wipes

Now I know this sounds like an obvious one, but you would be extremely surprised how many times I have heard “You don’t have a tissue, or something do you?”. Just picture this, the sun is beaming down, Scotland has decided to have its 4-day long summer heatwave consisting of a roasting 24 degrees. What do kids want during an absolutely scorching day? All the messiest and stickiest foods known to man. Remember to dispose of your baby wipes correctly!

2.  Umbrella

This is Scotland… we get rain even on the sunniest of days. Be prepared for it to get a little drizzly. A bit of rain doesn’t ruin the fun. Fun fact, did you know we have been using umbrellas for over 4,000 years! The original word for umbrella is umbra meaning “shadow” in Latin.


 3.  Download the Stagecoach app.

There is a live bus tracker on our app. Great information when you want to find out where your bus is and when it will arrive. Set your current location, choose your destination and select what time you want to travel. We'll let you know which buses you can catch and what times they run, as well as an estimated journey time. If you also select how many passengers are travelling, we can even tell you what tickets you'll need. Find out more on our app.


4.  Snacks

Who doesn’t like a good snack whilst looking out at the beautiful Scottish scenery from the bus? Did you know the-first ever snack was popcorn?! Archaeologists found evidence of popcorn preparation from 7,000 years ago in Mexico and Peru! They didn’t have buses back then though!


5.  Suncream

One of the most important things to bring along on a day out. It might rain a lot in Scotland, but when the sun comes out it’s a scorcher!  Remember to reapply every 2 hours. Leave the red complexion to the lobsters.


6.   Phone charger

We are in the age of technology, and we are very lucky to have Netflix and games at our fingertips. Phones are great for children (and adults!) on bus journeys. Bus scenery can certainly be beautiful but watching the last episode of the series binge you have been on can be just as important. Having a charged phone is equally useful for checking our app for live bus tracking and journey planning. So, remember the charger, we have charging ports!

7. Headphones

Absolutely nothing worse than forgetting your headphones on a journey. If you want to listen to music, watch a film, scroll through social media or even if you just want a little bit of peace, that’s ok too.  It’s a bit of a pain not having your headphones with you. The first pair of headphones only had one earpiece, how annoying! You can even charge up your portable headphones with our onboard charging ports.


8. A good pair of walking shoes

You don’t know where your day out by bus might take you, the best adventures can always best unplanned. Bring comfortable shoes to have a good wander! Our Buses stop at some amazing walking spots.

Walking shoes

9.A jacket

Again, in Scotland, we are blessed with the scenery but not always the weather. Could be scorching one minute and absolutely baltic the next. Don’t let a little bit of chilly weather ruin your trip.


10. A bag

You will need a bag to keep all the above in!