11 Easter arts and crafts ideas

05 Apr 2019

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There are certain times of the year when you can go all out on the decorating - Christmas, Halloween and, of course, Easter. We've checked out some fantastic crafting blogs and put together our favourite Easter crafts. Full credit for the ideas go to the bloggers so click the links to get crafting!  

1.  Jelly Bean Necklaces

As a child, if you're anything like us, there was no sweetie more fun and interactive than a candy necklace or the creme de la creme of edible jewellery, the candy watch! Time moves on but these sweet treats still hold a place in our hearts. Thread together brightly coloured jelly beans to create a modern necklace that's good enough to eat!

2.  Candy-filled Easter Egg Carton Chicks

What came first, the chicken or the egg? On this occasion, we're certain it's the egg because you'll need the empty egg boxes for this craft. Recycle the boxes to make these cute chicks that open up to reveal mini chocolate eggs - it's an egg-chick-egg scenario!

3.  Decoupage Easter Eggs

Decorating eggs isn't just for kids. Adults can get on board, too, using techniques like decoupage to create tiny works of art that can be displayed proudly in even the most grown-up of living rooms.

4.  Easter Bunny Cups and Bunny Bait

If you're a family who like to make sure all magical visitors to your home are catered for (Rudolph and co look forward to your reindeer food every year) then you need to whip up some Bunny Bait for the Easter Bunny. This popcorn and candy mix looks so delicious that you'll want to make extra for all your little bunnies.

5.  Minion Easter Eggs

These cartoon characters lend themselves easily to being replicated in Easter egg form. It's a simple but effective way to decorate hard boiled eggs and you can vary the design to create your own Minion army.

6.  Butterfly Snack Bags

We love this idea and it can be repurposed for birthday parties throughout the year, too. Using easy to find items - clothes pegs, pipe cleaners, food bags - you can quickly create a fun and practical goody bag filled with yummy treats.

7.  DIY Paint Sampler Bunting

This is a genius way to make something beautiful that costs very little. All you need is a handful of paint sample strips from your local DIY store and you can create some Easter bunting that can be used year after year.

8.  Potato Easter Egg Stamps

Potatoes are super versatile - you can eat them, make spirits from them and even use them as a cleaning aid. A creative way to make use of the humble potato is by cutting them into stamps (always be careful when using sharp cutting tools). Because the potato is easy to carve and a porous material, it's the perfect way to transfer paint to paper/material/card. 

9.  Bunny Easter Hair

Crazy hair days have become really popular in schools recently, so this is a brilliant and easy creation to keep in mind even after Easter is finished. 

10.  Woollen Easter Eggs

Your hands will get a little messy with this craft but you'll end up with cool 'eggs' that you can use in a variety of ways. String some together to make bunting, fill them with sweeties, or just gather them together in a bowl as a centrepiece.

11.  Easter Hand and Foot Print Arts

If you've got little ones who are too young to take part in crafting, these hand and foot crafts are the perfect way to involve them. What's cuter than an Easter chick made from your child's handprints? A bunny created from their footprints of course! Get painting and printing now!

Once you're all crafted out, head outdoors to enjoy the Spring weather. Use our journey planner to get inspiration for a family day out. Or, check out a few more blogs with great ideas for activities for the whole family:

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