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10 fun Spring activities for families

15 Mar 2019

Spring has finally arrived! It’s time to ditch that winter coat and head out into the great outdoors. There’s no more excuses for the kids now; the weather is warming up and here at Stagecoach, we’re determined to get them outdoors and exploring this Easter.

But, after being cooped up inside all winter, it can be difficult to decide just what to do first now the finer weather has arrived.

Here are some of our favourite fun spring activities that are great for all the family.

Visit a Farm


The lambing season runs between February and April, so now is the best time to take the family to a farm or petting zoo to see newly born lambs, chicks and other baby animals.

Many farms offer the chance to feed newly arrived lambs, which gives children and adults alike a great chance to get up close with the animals. Just don’t forget your wellies! 

Go Camping


Springtime is the perfect opportunity for taking the children on a camping trip or spending afternoons and long evenings in the garden with the family. Get the kids to help to pitch a tent, even if it's only in your garden, make dinner around a fire (or BBQ!) and spend a night under the stars.

Easter Treasure Hunt

easter eggs

This is a great way of getting children excited and involved in an Easter egg hunt—not that they need much encouragement with the prospect of chocolate! 

As well as chocolate, you can also make your own decorative boiled eggs. Eggs can be decorated beforehand and dyed bright colours. To dye the eggs a bright colour, hard boil them and then place in a mixture of water, vinegar, and food colouring. Once done, leave them to dry for five minutes. 

Another fun activity that children can get involved in is an egg rolling competition. Using the dyed or decorated eggs, children can compete by rolling down eggs down a hill. The winner is the one whose egg doesn’t crack. 

Have a Picnic


With the fresh smell of grass in your nose and the sun warming your skin, this is the best time of year for a picnic! Give the kids a chance to run around, and pack plenty of transportable snacks - homemade or otherwise! Don’t forget your blanket though for that added bit of comfort, and bring extras for the kids to avoid them getting chilly while they’re eating. 

Go for a Bike Ride


Easter just wouldn’t be the same without a family bike ride. Stabilisers or not, kids love feeling the wind in their hair as they race you along a cycle path or a country lane.Pick a sunny day so that the children can ride alongside you and witness spring in full bloom. There are hundreds of cycle-paths up and down the country, so find one near you and get cycling this Easter. 

Go to the Park

family in park

Sadly, the park can’t be used much over the winter, but spring is the time when the park can be used once again to its full advantage. Whether it’s a playpark or a country park, the kids will always find ways to amuse themselves. Take a ball for a game of catch, or if they’re feeling competitive – challenge them to a game of football. Parks are great for when the days get longer, as kids can play from the mid-afternoon sun up until the early evening ready for dinnertime. 

Explore a Nature Trail

nature trail

This is a great experience for any little one who sees themselves as a bit of an explorer. Take them to a natural trail to test their orienteering skills and let them see what it’s really like exploring with a map and compass. They’re bound to bump into some natural wildlife, so take your camera to make lasting memories of the beautiful landscapes and wildlife that you’ll be surrounded by. Rain or shine, it’ll be less about the destination and more about the journey for your kids on this fun Easter adventure. 

Try your local parkrun


source: parkrun

A 5K parkrun is a great way of making the best of the outdoors this Easter while getting some well needed exercise for you and the kids after the winter hibernation! Ran by volunteers, these are free to enter at 9am on a Saturday morning across the country. If you’ve got a dog, then don’t forget them as they can run too. Your children will be in the mood for some friendly competition over the Easter break, so this is a great way of keeping that competitive streak within the family with a fun activity for all. Not  quite ready for a 5K? parkrun also offer a 2K Junior event on a Sunday morning for children aged between 4 and 14. 

Feed the Ducks


Kids love to feed animals at the park, and the ducks love to be fed, so this is a perfect activity for the little ones this Easter. Remember, try not to feed them bread, as it’s bad for them! Stick to lettuce or chopped vegetables – ducks are healthier than you think!

Fly a kite


Flying a kite can be tricky to get the hang of, but once you get it right it's great fun for all the family! Pick a day when the wind isn't too strong, and get the kids to help you choose a kite before teaching them how to get it to fly. Big open spaces such as beaches, parks and fields are the best places to fly kites.



Do a treasure hunt

 boy looking at map

Buy a Treasure Trail as a fun way to explore a new village, town or city with your loved ones. Follow the clues and solve the mystery while seeing the sights and bonding with the family. Great for those who enjoy a good adventure!


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