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How do you Euro?

08 Jun 2021

Football sitting on a pitch in a stadium  

It may be a year later than originally planned but Euro 2021 (aka Euro 2020) is finally here and we’re ready for the whole country to be taken over by football fever in the next few weeks. But, while there are some fans who have been counting the days until the tournament kicks off, not everyone loves football.

So, how will you navigate the next four weeks? Here are our top tips:

For diehard fans, this is the football event of the year. Travelling abroad to the host cities isn’t possible this year but that doesn’t mean the excitement can’t be recreated right here in the UK. Many pubs will be showing the matches, so if you want that crowd atmosphere (while still practicing social distancing) this is the best place to get it. Why not check our Stagecoach Rewards site to see if your local pub has any special offers to make it an even better day out! 


Adult using tongs on a barbecueSometimes, even if you’re not a big fan, it’s fun to get involved in the excitement that sweeps the nation. Big tournaments like the Euros are a great opportunity to get together with your friends to support your national team. If the British weather cooperates, you could fire up the barbecue to make it a proper summer gathering. Nominate a mate to man the flames while you watch the match! Just make sure you reward them with a cold beer and regular updates from the game!

If football isn’t on your radar, it may be that you don’t even know the tournament has started until your favourite tv show has been rescheduled. As frustrating as this can be, you have a few options:

Take a day trip out with friends and family – we can help with some great value bus tickets
Switch on one of your streaming services and binge that series that’s been on your watchlist for ages
Go out for a meal, to the cinema or bowling – anything to avoid the football 
Read a book or listen to a podcast
Give in and watch the match...who knows, you might enjoy it!


For every diehard fan, there’s a football widow/widower. You know that your partner is going to be AWOL from your relationship for the duration of the tournament so you’ve got to make your own plans. Take advantage of this extra me-time; book a spa treatment, catch up with friends, try a new restaurant, shop til you drop without anyone in tow. This is as great a time for you as it is for your partner!

At the end of the day, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Here’s the full fixtures list for Euro 2021.