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Stagecoach launches discounted student season ticket in Plymouth

20 Sep 2016

Money-conscious university students in Plymouth can make considerable savings on their transport this year thanks to the launch of Stagecoach’s latest Unirider.
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South West Falcon announces October Megasale

19 Sep 2016

Stagecoach South West announced today that, during October, customers can fly the Falcon for just £1.
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North Devon Bus Consultations

15 Aug 2016

Stagecoach South West has announced today that it will be holding two public consultations where it will present proposals for its North Devon bus network.
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Explore more with the X64

28 Jul 2016

Take Stagecoach South West’s X64 service this summer and get discounts at two of South Devon’s most popular attractions.
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Catch the Bus Week

05 Jul 2016

Stagecoach South West is joining forces with sustainable transport group Greener Journeys to promote the benefits of bus use through the fourth annual ‘Catch the Bus Week’.
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Wednesday is now Megaday on the South West Falcon

20 May 2016

Stagecoach South West announced today that, on Wednesdays during June, customers can fly by Falcon for just £1.
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Stagecoach announce changes to Torbay bus network

17 May 2016

Stagecoach South West announced today that, starting 29 May, there will be a number of changes to bus routes on its Torbay network, including faster journey times, more connections and new destination...
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Exeter blogger proves bus is best for foodie adventure

12 May 2016

A food blogger has travelled by bus to some of the best eateries across Exeter and beyond to find out how accessible they are on public transport.
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Stagecoach announces engineering apprenticeships

12 May 2016

Stagecoach is on the lookout for future engineering stars with the launch of its 2016 engineering apprenticeship scheme.
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Stagecoach confirms smart ticketing for Plymouth network

17 Mar 2016

Stagecoach South West confirmed today that it is expanding its smart ticketing scheme to include the Plymouth network.