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unirider - Lancaster's student bus pass

Ready to discover Lancaster? 

If you're a student at Lancaster University or the University of Cumbria based in Lancaster,  you can travel for less with unirider.

Unirider is the flexible student bus pass that gives you cheaper travel anywhere  within the Bay megarider zone - pay once and use it as many times as you like throughout the term or year.

Whether you’re visiting friends, going out or handing in your latest essay, if you can get there on a Stagecoach bus, you can get there with unirider. 

Why you'll love your Lancaster unirider ticket 

With a Lancaster unirider ticket, you can:

  • travel anytime on our buses in the  Bay zone   *excludes the N2 service on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Pay for a single journey on the N2 or £1 extra when you show your unirider or megarider.
  • buy it in advance and never worry about having cash on you
  • buy your ticket for the whole academic year or split the cost across each term
  • even buy a ticket for the summer holidays! 
  • NEW for 2017 - We're introducing a new North West unirider Gold for students that want to travel outside the Bay zone and we're adding more tickets to Smart. 

Where can I travel with my unirider?

You can travel anywhere within the Bay zone  using your Lancaster unirider ticket. If you need to travel outside the Bay zone, you'll need a new North West unirider Gold. This ticket is valid on all Stagecoach services across the North West*. Please ensure you check the boundaries of the Bay zone before buying your ticket to ensure it meets your travel needs.

You'll be able to use your Bay unirider ticket to get to:

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Lancaster city centre Heysham  Galgate 
Morecambe Overton Carnforth

If you use the new late night N2 service, a single journey is just £1 when you show your unirider


You'll be able to use your North West Unirider Gold to get to:  

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Preston Kendal Carlisle 
Blackpool (42/61/68 service) Windermere Penrith
Blackburn (59 service) Ambleside  Dumfries (79/179 service)
Bolton (125 service) Keswick Newcastle Upon Tyne (685 service) 
Chester (1/2 service) Workington   
Wigan (113 service) Whitehaven   
  •  A unirider is valid only on Stagecoach run journeys to Newcastle Upon Tyne on the 685 service..
  • This ticket is not valid on Chester City Sightseeing, Chester Park & Ride, or Stagecoach in Manchester services. 

What do I need?

To get your unirider, you’ll need a current University Library ID Card - purple cards issued by the student union are not a valid form of ID.  Remember, the name on your ID card must match the name on your unirider.      

Where can I buy my unirider?

unirider is available for students at Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria based in Lancaster. You can buy your unirider from:

  • our website - buy your unirider  now
  • the Stagecoach shop based at Lancaster bus station
  • LUSU - Lancaster University's Student Union office 

Lost tickets and refunds 

We do not replace lost or stolen paper unirider tickets.  Your unirider is an item of value and should be insured against loss or theft through your own household insurance policy. 

In exceptional circumstances, we may replace tickets for a £25 administration fee. If you give your unirider back to us, we may consider partial refunds on written request. Any refund will be calculated by subtracting the number of days used on your ticket plus an administration fee.

Protect your unirider against loss or theft.  

Buy your Lancaster unirider ticket from the Stagecoach Shop or LUSU on a StagecoachSmart card. North West Unirider Gold unirider tickets are only available as paper tickets. Unirider tickets bought online will arrive as a paper ticket and will not be protected against loss or theft.

If your StagecoachSmart card is  lost or stolen, your unirider can easily be cancelled and replaced from the agent it was purchased from. There's a £5 charge to replace this. 

If you have any queries please email, call us on 01524 422217 or fill the  lost ticket form

How much it costs

unirider is £369.99 for an annual pass or £99.99 per term. An annual pass  works out at just 1.01p per day which is significantly cheaper than a normal Bay dayrider ticket (£4.90* April 2017) or a weekly Bay megarider (£15 for 7 days) 

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Bay zone

North West zone Validity
Term 1 


 £175.99 30 September 2017 - 15 December 2017 
Term 2 £99.99  £175.99 12 January 2018 - 23 March 2018
Term 3 £99.99  £175.99  20 April 2018 - 29 June 2018
 Term 1 & 2 £180.99  £317.99  30 September 2017 - 23 March 2018
 Term 2 & 3 £180.99  £317.99  12 January 2018 - 29 June 2018
Term 1,2,3 £258.99  £479.99  30 September 2017 - 29 June 2018
 Annual £369.99  £647.99  30 September 2017 - 1 October 2018
 Summer £122.99  -  30 June 2018 - 30 September 2018

  Buy my unirider now

  • To protect your ticket from loss or theft, buy your unirider tickets on Smart from the Stagecoach Shop at Lancaster Bus Station or from LUSU from mid September. Online paper tickets will not be protected against loss of theft.
  • *£1.01 per day is based on the  purchase of an annual unirider at £369.99 over 365 days.
  •  Pay for a single journey on the N2 or £1 extra when you show your unirider or megairder.