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Skegness Seasiders | New Addition

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ScoopWelcome to the gang, Scoop

Meet Scoop, a fun-loving little scallywag who joined his Seasider friends in Skegness this Easter. Don’t forget to give him a wave if you see him rocking around Skegness. You’re sure to find him checking out the ice cream parlours along the seafront, he’ll be hard to miss with his ice cream themed look and mischievous grin.  

Scoop is such a cheeky scamp, he was only in Skegness one day before he started playing pranks on Rocky and his Seasider friends. He nearly made Rolly blow a head casket. Scoop was hiding behind the garage door when Rolly coasted past. Just as Rolly passed the garage door, Scoop jumped out revving his engine and honking his horn BOO! Poor Rolly jumped right across the yard. Shelly has decided to take Scoop under her wing, so she can show him around and keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't get up to any more mischief. 

Scoop's other hobbies include riding the ramps at the local skate park, learning to play guitar and watching prank videos on his phone, and I bet you’ve already guessed his favourite game is ‘Ice cream I-spy’. 

Remember you can hop on, hop off all day on all our Seasiders to visit all the top Skegness attractions - don't forget to pick up a Seasider badge!


Shelly and ScoopNEW! Seasider book!

You can now purchase this book, along with our other Seasiders books.

Find out more about how to buy them below:

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ShellySay hi to the Seasiders

Did you know we have a family of Seasiders already travelling around Skegness from Easter until October every year? 

The open toppers have become a very popular tourist attraction in Skegness. Scoop joining the family makes it 12 members, all with their own themes and personalities.

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