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Liverpool, Wirral and Chester Student Bus Pass

Student bus travel made easy!  

Are you new to the Merseyside or Chester area? Do you feel a little unsure about your travel options? Then we can help you!

What is a unirider student bus pass?

Unirider is the flexible student bus pass that gives you cheaper travel anywhere within your zone - pay once and use it as many times as you like throughout the term. Whether it's going to class, the shops, cinema or food and drinks. If you can get there by Stagecoach bus in your zone, you can get there with unirider. 

Our Liverpool and Chester unirider plus+ ticket is available to students and employees at who attend University of Liverpool , Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool John Moores University and University of Chester. 

Why you'll love your unirider plus+ ticket

With a Liverpool, Wirral and Chester unirider plus+ ticket, you can:

  • buy your ticket for 12  weeks at a time
  • travel anytime on our buses in your chosen travel zone
  • buy it in advance and never worry about having cash on you


What will I need to buy a pass?

To buy and use a unirider ticket, you’ll need a current University Library or ID Card. 


Where can I use my student bus pass?

You can travel throughout Merseyside and Cheshire including:

  • Liverpool
  • Wirral
  • Southport
  • St Helens
  • Chester 
  • Ellesmere Port

Want to learn more about what buses to catch where check out our 



You can use your Liverpool and Chester unirider plus+ ticket at anytime on our buses in Merseyside and Cheshire.  You can even use it to visit local attractions such as:


Where do I buy my student bus pass? 

You can buy your unirider ticket online


Student tickets bought online will be loaded onto a StagecoachSmart student card.


What if I already have a student Smartcard?

Already got a card? No problem. Top up easily online and get peace of mind that your ticket is protected if your card is lost or stolen. Simply purchase the ticket online as you usually would and click select/request a smart card in your basket

Unirider SmartOnce you have topped up your card simply tap your card onto the reader when you board the bus, and remember you'll be required to show student ID when you board the bus.


What happens if I lose my student bus pass?

Your unirider ticket is valuable, so please look after it. You should treat it like a mobile phone or music player and insure the item if necessary.

To safeguard your ticket against theft, loss and damage we recommend that you register your smartcard by following these simple steps:

1. Login  to your Stagecoach account.
2. Select ‘Register A Smart Card’ under ‘My Smart Cards’.
3. Now enter your name in the first box, the card number in the second box (the card number is the number on the back of the card called ‘ISRN No’) and select ‘Add New Card’.
4. Your card should now be added to your account.

If you do lose your unirider, please contact us on 03456 00 22 99 with a crime reference number from the police. A charge of £5 will be made for a replacement (we can only provide one replacement in each academic year).

Stagecoach isn’t liable for the cost of additional tickets bought whilst waiting for your replacement tickets to arrive in the post.


Can I cancel my student bus pass?

If you want to cancel your unirider, we will calculate the refund by deducting the cost of the value of the ticket portion used based on the best value alternative ticket you would have been able to purchase at the date the ticket was purchased for the period it was used. There is a £10 administration fee for refunds.

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