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Preston unirider – the flexible student bus ticket

Our Preston unirider ticket is available to students and employees at the University of Central Lancashire and Edge Hill University. It’s also available to Manchester based students studying medicine at Royal Preston Hospital. 

Whether you’re visiting friends, going out or handing in your latest essay, a Stagecoach unirider ticket will get you there!

Student tickets are now smart!

stagecoachsmart student card

 Student tickets bought online will be loaded onto a StagecoachSmart student card.

Top up easily online and get peace of mind that your ticket is protected if your card is lost or stolen.

Simply tap your card onto the reader when you board the bus, and remember you'll be required to show student ID when you board the bus.


Why you'll love your unirider ticket

With a Preston unirider ticket, you can:

  • travel anytime on our buses in either the Citi, Preston or Gold unirider travel zones from just 55p per day!
  • buy it in advance and never have to worry about having cash in your pocket
  • spread your payments - tickets are available to buy  for one term, two terms, the summer holidays or the whole year (with or without the summer break)


What you'll need

To buy and use a unirider ticket, you’ll need a current University Library or ID Card.  Remember, the name on your card must match the name on your ticket. 


Where you can travel

You can use your Preston unirider ticket throughout the city. Depending on which travel zone you choose, you can also travel to:

  • Leyland
  • Blackburn
  • Blackpool
  • Southport
  • Ormskirk
  • Chorley

Download the Preston unirider zone map


How to buy it

You can buy your Preston unirider ticket online  or from this year's Fresher’s Fair at the University of Central Lancashire .


Lost tickets and refunds

Your unirider ticket is valuable, so please look after it.  You should treat it like a mobile phone or music player and insure the item if necessary.

If you lose your ticket please contact us immediately. If you can’t find your ticket, we may consider a replacement in exceptional circumstances. 


  • only replace a ticket once in an academic year
  • charge an administration fee of £25 
  • insist on the claim being in writing either by email or through the post 

Stagecoach isn’t liable for the cost of additional tickets bought whilst waiting for your replacement tickets to arrive in the post.