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Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go in Leicester

Stagecoach is introducing Pay As You Go from the 24 January - a new contactless way to pay for your travel.  
No ticket.  
No fuss.  
Just pay for what you use.   



How does Pay As You Go work?


It's super simple. Tap your contactless card, watch or phone when you get on....and tap it again when you get off. That's it.


You can use ‘Pay As You Go’ for adult travel on routes 48L and X7 (between Leicester and Market Harborough).  

At the end of each day, our system will do the maths and work out the cost of your journeys. The extremely clever bit is that we add up all of your journeys and you’ll never pay more than £4.50 a day (the cost of a Leicester DayRider) or £15 a week between Monday & Sunday (the cost of a Leicester MegaRider).

You can see how much you’ve paid by linking you payment card to the 'Pay As You Go' section in 'My Account'



How much does it cost?

Pay As You Go offers great value. For the cost of a single trip use our handy ticket finder. A days travel never costs more than £4.50 in the travel area or £15 a week (Monday to Sunday).

Plans can change. If you start the week expecting to be at work Monday to Friday but win the lottery on Wednesday, no problem (not that you'll be worrying at all). You'll only pay for 3 days of travel, saving you £1.50 (you get the idea).


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What type of contactless cards or devices can be used to Pay As You Go?  
A. We accept both Mastercard (including Maestro UK) and Visa cards, as long as they have the contactless symbol on the card.  We also accept payment using Mastercard and Visa on Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay so you can pay using your phone or watch.  Some card issuers don’t allow payment on public transport services, so please check with your card issuer before travel.   

Q. Do I need to use the same device or card to tap on and tap off?  
A. Yes, our system knows if you’ve used a device or a card, so it needs you to complete your journey using the same payment method. If you don’t use the same one, you’ll get an incomplete journey charge. You also need to use the same card or device to make sure you get the benefit of daily or weekly caps. 

Q. How can I check how much I’ve paid? 
A. You can set up an account on the Stagecoach Bus website to check your journeys, see how your charges were calculated and check your payments. Once you’ve linked the contactless card or device you have used to travel to your “My Account” in the Pay As You Go section, you can select that card and view the journeys you’ve made and the cost. Your most recent travel might not show immediately.   

Q. I have a Pay As You Go query, who do I need to contact? 
A. If your query can’t be answered with our full list of FAQs, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. The quickest and easiest way to get in touch is to use the Pay As You Go contact form.