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stagecoach bus app version 2

Welcome to the updated Stagecoach Bus App

The updated version of the app is now live for all iOS users and   also  a  small number of Android users .

Getting the bus has never been easier thanks to the Stagecoach Bus App.   We've listened to your feedback and made lots of improvements that we hope you'll like. 

Latest updates in this new-look app include:

  • New menu for easy navigation
  • New interactive map to track services
  • Clear bus times with expected arrivals
  • Simple journey planning - easily search locations, buses and stops 
Explore your new features below...


The new interactive map - makes getting a bus so much easier


stagecoach bus live map





menu icon


Menu: Tap to take you to the new menu bar. Find out about our new menu screen.


timing icon 

Refresh timer: This lets you know when the page will refresh to show you the latest info on where our buses are.

basket icon


Basket: Tap here to see if you have any tickets in your basket ready to buy.


ticket icon 

Tickets: Tap to go to the ticket section where you can see what tickets you've purchased and buy new ones. Find out more about the types of tickets we sell


location reset icon 

Refresh current location: Tap to refresh your current location.


search bar icon 

Search bar: Lets you search for a particular stop, bus service or location by a key word. Enter a location to show available services and stops in this area

bus on map icon 

Bus: The easy way to track a selected bus and see where it's heading. Tapping on a bus will show you the route the bus will take and where it is currently and the time it will arrive at each stop on its route.


bus stop icon 

Bus stop: Tap a stop to see the services that run from this location. Then, when you select the service you want, you will see the next arrival time from this stop and track the journey of the whole route.


Our new menu screen...makes using the app even easier than before

stagecoach app navigation menu


Live map: This will take you to the new interactive map.

Plan a journey: Makes planning your journey easy and includes ticketing options, walking directions and any disruptions. Enter your ‘from’ and ‘to’ locations to get started – you can even use your phone to pinpoint where you currently are. If you have ‘home’ or ‘work’ locations saved in your favourites, you can use these to make planning a journey to these places even easier.


Tickets: Shows you your purchased and active tickets and lets you buy new ones. You can find out more here.


My favourites: Look out for the star icon next to buses, journeys and stops. Tap the star to save them and you'll find them here under My favourites. You can also save your home and work locations for quicker journey planning.


More: Tells you all you need to know about the app including contact information, tutorials and our privacy policy.


Tickets on the app- the easier way to find or access tickets

Stagecoach bus app active ticket



 Active:   These are the tickets you are currently using and have an expiration date and time.


My Tickets:  This is where you will find any tickets you have bought and are not yet using or tickets you have bought that have now expired.


Buy Tickets: The place to buy any ticket type. You can filter by daily or weekly tickets. All you have to do is select the ticket you need and what passenger type you are (if it applies) and then add to your basket. Then you can either 'go to basket' or 'continue shopping'. From the basket area you can then check out. You can buy up to 10 mobile tickets and 3 mobile weekly tickets for use at any time in the next 3 months.







The app looks different, what’s happened?

A new version (2.0) of the Stagecoach Bus App is now available to iPhone users. Your app will have updated automatically if you have 'Automatic App Updates' turned on.


How do I update the app?

If you have 'Automatic App Updates' turned on, your app will update automatically. Otherwise visit the App Store to update.


I’m getting prompted to update the app but it’s not working.

For the app to work properly, please make sure your iPhone software is version 10 or later. 


My app updated automatically and is now freezing/crashing.

This shouldn't be happening and there are few things you can check to ensure a smooth update:

  • force close the app
  • log out and back in again
  • make sure your iPhone software is version 10

If you're still having problems, please get in touch via the  app contact form.


If I update the app will my tickets disappear?

No, as long as you're using the same device your tickets are safe. If you've updated and can't find your tickets there are a few things you can try:

  • check if you're still logged in
  • if you are, log out and back in again
  • check 'My Tickets' to see if the ticket has expired
  • check that you're logged in using the correct email address

If you still can't see your tickets, please get in touch with us via the app contact form. Please keep hold of any receipts for a refund if you've had to buy additional tickets.


Where is the app menu?

Click the three lines in the top left corner. From here you can plan journeys, buy tickets or track your bus.


How do I use the interactive live map?

Make sure you have 'Location Services' turned on so the app can find you and click on 'Live map' in the menu. The map shows you all the bus stops and buses around you.


How often does the app refresh?

The app refreshes every 20 seconds. You'll see an orange circle turning white as it refreshes.


I'm finding it difficult to track the bus I want.

Zoom in and tap on a bus number and you'll see where the bus currently is on the route.


Can I move the map to get a better idea of where I am?

Yes, you can. Pinch the screen with two fingers and move the map.


I’ve lost my place on the map, how do I get back to my location?

Just tap on the blue circle with a white arrow. Your location on the map will show as a pulsating blue dot.


How can I find a bus stop?

You can use the interactive map to find bus stops close by. You can also use the search bar to find a specific bus stop by searching for a location, postcode or the bus your need.


I’m looking for a timetable but can’t find that option.

The 'Plan a journey' section helps you find a certain bus and view its timetable. You can download timetables directly from our website.


How can I buy a mobile ticket on the app?

From the menu, tap on ‘Tickets’ to find all the mobile tickets available in your area. If you’re in the interactive map, tap on the ticket icon and from there you can buy tickets as well as view your active and previously purchased tickets.


Can I access my ticket on another device?

No, a ticket can only be used on the device it was bought on.