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In line with the latest government guidance, we've put in place further measures in England to help customers practise social distancing. This includes limiting the available seats on buses.  

The safety of our customers and employees is our priority, so please avoid busy times, wear a face covering if you can, use contactless payment and take your litter with you.

For up to date information, see our Coronavirus page

Journey assistance cards - Stagecoach

Journey Assistance Cards - get help when you need it

Journey Assistance Cards are available for you to use if you need a bit more help when using the bus. They’ll make it easier for you to let our bus drivers know what extra help you need.

You can use your cards any time of the day, seven days a week, on any of our bus services.

Who can apply for Journey Assistance Cards

You can apply for Journey Assistance Cards if you have:

  • limited vision or hearing
  • difficulty in communicating
  • special educational needs

or if:

  • English is not your first language
  • you need extra time or help to find a seat

Types of Journey Assistance Cards

Our Journey Assistance Cards have been developed with our trade body, the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT).

The cards available are:

  • please be patient, I am deaf
  • please be patient, I am visually impaired
  • please be patient, I have difficulty speaking
  • please be patient, I am hard of hearing
  • please speak slowly and face me to help me hear better
  • please scan my pass for me
  • please count my change for me
  • please help me find a seat
  • please give me time to sit, in case I fall down
  • driver, please let me know when we get to . . .
  • please tell me when we reach my stop

Apply for your Journey Assistance Cards

Simply download and fill in our Journey Assistance Cards application form and send it back to your nearest Stagecoach office.

Once you have your Journey Assistance Cards, simply hold them up to our driver so they know what your needs are.

You may also be eligible for discounted travel

Journey Assistance Cards don’t give you free or discounted travel. You may be eligible for a concessionary bus pass which would allow you to travel for free on most local bus services

Lost Journey Assistance Cards

If you lose your Journey Assistance Cards, please contact your nearest Stagecoach office.