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New app updates

New app updates


Changes to mobile tickets

We’re aware of a ticket issue that has affected a small number of Android users and we’re really sorry about that.  If this happens again, please delete and reinstall the app (ensuring to also delete the data for the app) and this should allow you to 'resume activation' and view your ticket. If you're still having problems please let us know via our app contact form.



We recently made some changes to mobile tickets.  Get the latest version of our app and any new style mobile tickets you buy won’t be tied to a single phone.  

So, if you’re upgrading to a fancy new model or have an unfortunate habit of ‘misplacing’ things, just follow a few simple steps and you'll be able to move your ticket to another device. Plus, if you’re in charge of paying for someone’s school or university travel, or just fancy treating friends and family to a trip out, you can now purchase a ticket and send it to any other registered Stagecoach Bus App user.*

The new features are available on mobile tickets. Because your tickets will stay on our secure server, you’ll now need to have internet access to use your ticket. But don’t worry if you don’t have any data, you can activate and view your ticket using any Wi-Fi connection before you head to the bus stop.

* Exclusions apply - not available on MultiTrip or corporate tickets.

Let's get started 

If your apps don’t update automatically, all you need to do is go to your app store and update the Stagecoach Bus App to version  for android and 2.10.22 for iOS. 

Transfer tickets 

You are now ready to move active tickets to another phone in a few simple steps 

  1. On the new device, download and log in to the Stagecoach Bus App using your existing account details 
  2. Head to 'My Tickets' and locate your ticket in the 'Active on other device' area 
  3. Tap 'Move to this device' and follow the instructions 
  4. Locate your ticket in 'Tickets to use' and hit 'Resume activation'

Your ticket will now be active on your new phone and you can use it as normal until the end of its original expiry date and time.

Send to another person 

You can now send mobile tickets to another registered Stagecoach Bus App user.

  1. Head to ‘My Tickets’ and find the ticket you want to gift
  2. Tap 'Send to another person' and follow the instructions
  3. You'll need to enter the email address of the person you want to send the ticket to, so make sure they have a Stagecoach Bus account. 

The ticket will be ready and waiting next time they access ‘My Tickets’.

Just to let you know any tickets you bought before you update won’t have the new features but you'll still be able to use them until they expire. 

You can browse through our frequently asked questions below to find out more.


How to send Stagecoach Bus mobile tickets to another person


How to transfer Stagecoach Bus mobile tickets


Activating tickets

How do I activate one of these new style tickets? 

  1. Make sure you have an internet connection  
  2. Go to 'My tickets' , then 'Ticket to Use ' and tap on the ticket you want to use. 
  3. Tap 'Activate'. 

But don’t worry if you don’t have any data, you can activate and view your ticket using any Wi-Fi connection before you head to the bus stop.   


What if I don't have access to Wi-Fi or mobile data when I need to activate my ticket?

Don’t worry, you can activate and view your ticket using any Wi-Fi connection before you head to the bus stop. Once the ticket has been activated, it will still be available to view offline for up to 8 hours before you will need to connect to the internet again.


How long will my ticket stay active for?  

Once the ticket has been activated, it will still be available to view offline for up to 8 hours before you will need to connect to the internet again. Your activated mobile ticket will still show a countdown clock, which displays the time left before your ticket expires.


Sending to another device

When I transfer a ticket to my other/new device will I be able to access it immediately? 

Yes, once the ticket has been moved, you can immediately locate it below 'Tickets to use' and hit 'Resume activation' to pick up where you left off.


How often can I transfer a ticket between my devices? 

You can transfer tickets yourself between devices a maximum of twice in a 90 day period. 


What can I do if I've reached this limit?

If you’ve reached your limit of two transfers in a 90 day period but need to transfer your ticket to another device, get in touch with us as we’ll be able to help. 


If I delete the app will my tickets still be there to use if I re-install?

Yes, as your tickets are now stored on our secure server instead of your device, you can delete the app, re-install and still access your tickets. 


Will I still be able to use my existing tickets?  

Yes,  nothing will change with any tickets already  on your phone, but once these expire and you buy a new ticket, you’ll then be able to use all the new features 


When a ticket is sent to another device, can the ticket be viewed on both accounts?

No, once sent, the ticket can only be viewed on the account it has been sent to. It will still appear in your purchase history that can be accessed via the "More" area of the app.


Can the tickets be moved between different apps, such as from the Stagecoach Bus App to the Oxford Tube App? 

At the moment, the functionality is only available on the Stagecoach Bus App, however if the same ticket is sold on both apps you can move this ticket. 


Sending to another person 

Which tickets can be sent to another account?

You can now send any mobile ticket to another account. It's not possible to send a ticket to another person if you buy a corporate ticket, Flexi 5 or other MultiTrip ticket options. 


Can I send a mobile ticket to anyone?  

Where the ticket allows, you can send a ticket to anyone with a Stagecoach Bus account.  Its free and easy to sign up for a new account.


I buy a Flexi 5 bundle of DayRider tickets, can I send some of these to a friend?

No sorry, it's not possible to share these tickets with others.


I buy tickets through the corporate Stagecoach App, can I send tickets to other people?

No sorry, this feature is not available for corporate tickets as users need to be verified as an employee of the organisation


What notifications are sent when I send a ticket to another account?

When you send a ticket to another Stagecoach Bus account, the ticket is automatically removed from your device and made available for use in the recipient's App. Both you and the recipient will receive an email to confirm this but you won't receive a notification when the ticket is activated.

Need help with your mobile tickets - get in touch and we'll get back to you soon

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