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It's no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering on public transport in England, Scotland or Wales. We do encourage you to wear a face covering in crowded spaces, if you can

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Stagecoach Wi-Fi 


Important update 

From 26 October, we are temporarily switching off Wi-Fi on many of our buses.  Like many organisations, we’re reviewing all aspects of our operation as we continue through the Covid-19 pandemic with a focus to make sure we can continue running safe and reliable services for you.  We’ve found that many customers are not using the bus Wi-Fi, especially on shorter local bus journeys.



Where is Wi-Fi available? 

You can still connect to our free Wi-Fi on the following routes and services: 




Fenstation Busway

Cambridge Park and Ride

Bedford and Cambridge  - 905


East Scotland 

Edinburgh Airport - 747


East Midlands 

Pronto Services


Merseyside and South Lancashire 

Liverpool - all routes (except service 22 Chester - West Kirby)

Preston - X2 Preston - Southport - Liverpool

Chester - Chester Park & Ride services

North East 

Tees Valley  - Tees Flex


Oxford Tube 

Brackley - Bicester  -  505


Winchester Park & Ride 

Guildford  - 1 & 2


South East 

Canterbury Park & Ride

Canterbury - Unibuses


South Wales

Traws Cymru - T4 ,  T14 


South West 



West Scotland

Kilmarnock - 1, 11, X76 

Ayr - X77

Dumfries - X74

Ardrossan - 11, X36/X34

Cumbernauld - X25/X28, X19.


We’ll continue to review all aspects of our service in line with customer feedback and future developments and so you can tell us what you think by filling in a feedback form.


How to connect to our Wi-Fi 

You’ll need a Wi-Fi enabled device to use our free wireless internet service.

  1. Select 'Stagecoach' from the list of Wi-Fi networks available on your device
  2. Launch your web browser
  3. A login page will appear
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect

We’ll always try our best to ensure our Wi-Fi service signal is available. At busy times of the day, you may experience a slower connection.

If you experience any problems connecting to Wi-Fi on our buses, please contact your nearest Stagecoach office.

Make sure you let us know the bus number you are on, the date and the time. We’ll check the bus as soon as it arrives back in our depot.


Stagecoach Wi-Fi fair usage policy

We have a fair usage policy on Stagecoach buses so everyone on the bus can make use of the available Wi-Fi. 

What is our fair usage policy?

We limit the amount of data a device can use to 100MB for both uploading and downloading data, which is the average that our customers use. This limit is reset every day at midnight.

For other questions and answers related to Wi-Fi please see our FAQs