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Stagecoach Wi-Fi - stay connected on board

Connect to our free to use Stagecoach Wi-Fi on many of our buses.  Catch up on emails before you get to the office, do some online shopping or update your social media accounts.

Free Wi-Fi on our buses 

We've recently invested over £80 million in over 400 new buses. The majority of these are equipped with cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology, allowing you to stay connected as you travel.

Wi-Fi is also available on all our Stagecoach Gold  buses.

How to connect to our Wi-Fi 

You’ll need a Wi-Fi enabled device to use our free wireless internet service.

  1. select 'Stagecoach' from the list of Wi-Fi networks available on your device
  2. launch your web browser
  3. a login page will appear
  4. follow the on-screen instructions to connect

We’ll always try our best to ensure our Wi-Fi service signal is available. At busy times of the day, you may experience a slower connection.

If you experience any problems connecting to Wi-Fi on our buses, please contact your nearest Stagecoach office.

Make sure you let us know the bus number you are on, the date and the time. We’ll check the bus as soon as it arrives back in our depot.