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Student bus travel

University of Kent Student Bus Passes

Students save over 78%* on bus travel. Whatever's on your timetable travel with confidence.

Travel with Confidence The University of Kent UniRider is the essential low-cost bus ticket available to all University of Kent students.

Whether you’re travelling to a lecture, into the city centre or going for a night out, our University of Kent UniRider ticket will get you there.

A University of Kent UniRider is valid  for the whole academic year, but there are three different types depending on the length of your course. 

Check out the table below for the validity dates and prices. 

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Benefits of a student bus pass...

Our University of Kent UniRider offers unlimited travel on our services across Kent and East Sussex.

  • Unlimited bus travel with just one pass
  • Travel at any time - no restrictions
  • Buy your ticket in advance and never worry about paying for a bus journey


How much is a University of Kent UniRider and where can I get one?

You can buy your UniRider online now for unlimited travel in Kent and East Sussex! 

Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery.

There are three versions of the UniRider depending on your course dates:

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Start date

End date



UoK UniRider1

15 Sept 2021

18 June 2022


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UoK UniRider2

11 Sept 2021

23 July 2022


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UoK UniRider3

15 Sept 2021

17 Sept 2022


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Please make sure you buy the correct one for you. We won’t be able to swap it once you’ve made the purchase.  

The prices shown include the early-bird discount. This year the prices will remain the same and won’t increase after the first full week of term.

Which bus do I catch for University of Kent?Unibus term time map

A university term timetable will apply from 19 September 2021, with regular buses running between Canterbury City Centre and the University campus.

Uni1 buses run between Canterbury City Centre and the University campus (via Canterbury East Station) about every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes and up to every 30 minutes Sunday daytimes.

Uni2 buses run between Canterbury City Centre, the University campus and Hales Place (via Canterbury East Station to the University and via Canterbury West Station to the city centre) up to every 30 minutes Monday to Friday daytimes. On Saturdays, Uni2 buses only run between Canterbury City Centre and the University campus up to every 30 minutes during the day. 

Uni 2 buses also run up to every 30 minutes between Canterbury City Centre and the University campus from 18:30-23:05 (Monday to Saturday). From 00:10-04:10, buses run hourly and continue to Hales Place.

Route 4 runs between Canterbury City Centre, Kingsmead Sainsbury's and the University campus during the day (except Sundays) and continues on to Whitstable (with some buses running to Greenhill). Buses that continue beyond Greenhill towards Herne Bay and Canterbury are numbered route 6.

Triangle buses link Canterbury City Centre with Whitstable and Herne Bay. Triangle buses also serve the University campus early in the morning and throughout the evening (Monday to Saturday). On Sundays, they run all day between Canterbury City Centre and the University campus.

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Where can I use my University of Kent UniRider?

The University of Kent UniRider is valid on all Stagecoach buses in Kent and East Sussex, not just the buses that serve the Uni. That means you can use it for days out too. Whether you fancy a bit of shopping, a day at the coast or a bit of local history – if there’s a Stagecoach bus then you can use your UniRider!

To buy and use your UniRider, you’ll need a valid University of Kent student ID card. It's really easy to use your UniRider; each time you catch the bus show your student ID card to the driver and scan your UniRider pass on the driver's ticket machine.


What happens if I lose my University of Kent UniRider?

To safeguard your ticket against theft, loss and damage your UniRider will be automatically registered when purchased online.  

If your UniRider is lost, stolen or damaged you should notify us immediately:   

• Use the ‘My account’ section of the website.   

• Contact the StagecoachSmart Helpdesk on 0345 810 1000.  

Where there are 5 or more days left on a ticket, we will transfer this to a new card and issue to the delivery address provided. Please note it can take 3 working days for this to arrive. 

Can I cancel my University of Kent UniRider? 

You can buy your student bus pass now and get unlimited bus travel whether you’re studying or socialising. And don’t worry if things change later as you can get a refund if you need to cancel your ticket, subject to our standard terms and conditions.

Find out more about how we calculate refunds


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*Based on the UniRider2 bus pass at £208, equivalent travel for 39 weeks using South East megarider tickets at £951. Saving 78%.