Register your StagecoachSmart card

StagecoachSmart is an easy way of buying your travel tickets. 

It's a clever card that stores your tickets, and it's reusable - so you can top it up to travel again and again. 

When you buy a Stagecoach 7 day megarider or some TravelMaster 7 day tickets the driver will load it onto a StagecoachSmart card for you. 

Once you have your StagecoachSmart card, you should keep it and use it to travel again and again. Please don't throw it away. 

Buying tickets on the bus

You can buy Stagecoach and TravelMaster  (CityBus, CityWide, RConnect and SYConnect) 1 day and 7 day tickets from your bus driver when you hand them your smartcard on the bus. 


Buying tickets online

Top up your StagecoachSmart card with Stagecoach 7 day, 28 day and Xtra recurring monthly payment tickets on our Bus Tickets page

Once you've been issued with a StagecoachSmart card, hold on to it, and keep on using it to store your tickets.


Most dayrider tickets will be available to top up on your existing Smartcard, with the following exceptions;

  • Chesterfield dayrider Plus after 6pm (£2.50) ticket will remain as a paper ticket
  • Chesterfield  Child dayrider Plus  (£2.70) 


Once you have your StagecoachSmart travel card don't forget to register it 

Register your card


Why is StagecoachSmart so good? 

  • it can be used time and time again, there is no need to hang onto paper tickets 
  • there's no need to carry cash to buy your bus ticket, you can buy bus tickets  online
  • once you register your card, you'll be protected if your card is lost or stolen
  • you can choose to buy you megariders on the bus or online
  • you can register multiple cards under one account, making it easier to buy bus tickets for all the family
  • you can get discounts with long term megarider Xtra tickets
Please note: 

Your StagecoachSmart travel card is only protected against technical issues, loss or theft if you have registered it here at Please make sure you register your smartcard.

TravelMaster tickets loaded on to a StagecoachSmart travel  card are NOT covered by our StagecoachSmart purchasing T&C’s.

We cannot offer refunds or reimbursements on any TravelMaster  tickets loaded on to StagecoachSmart cards.  If you have any issues using your TravelMaster ticket, you must contact  TravelMaster directly via  

Stagecoach Yorkshire do not refund or replace any 7 day tickets bought on the bus or online at