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Be my Palentine

11 Feb 2020

For many, Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. For some, it’s an unwanted reminder of lost or unrequited love. For others, though, it’s 2020 and mid-February means just one thing.

Happy Palentine’s day!

This February 13th, grab your mates and celebrate!


Awards season may be almost over but it’s never too early to lay the groundwork for next year. Choose a couple of contenders and make it a double feature (which means you can have two lots of snacks -  always a winner in our eyes!)



Special occasions should always be marked with good food, fine wine and great company so if you can’t do that on Palentine’s Day, when can you? Maybe there’s a new place that you’d like to try or a favourite that’s been an old haunt for years – the memories will be flowing as fast as the vino.

friends dinner


Chances are if you’re mates, you’ve got a similar taste in music/comedy. Book a night out to see a local band or check if your favourite comedian has a gig. Combine it with a fancy, schmancy dinner or a down & dirty trip to a taco stall to really fuel your Palentines celebrations

Hit the town

Jump on the bus and head into town for drinks at the gin lounge (in 2020, you’re never more than 30ft from a gin bar *non-proven fact*). Fancy a bit of dancing? Drop your handbags and dance the night away. If you’re lucky, you might meet the next Graziano di Prima (or a guy called Dave who’s a bit of a mover)

Stay in

Binge your favourite shows, thrash your mates at monopoly, sing along to YouTube videos – it's just great to clear your calendar and dedicate a bit of time to your friends. Life can get in the way so make it a Palentine’s to remember.


Whatever you decide to do, keep it local and scout around for the best deals. Just because you’re not in lurve doesn’t mean you can‘t benefit from a two-for-one deal at a steak restaurant, a group ticket on the bus or discounted cocktails called ‘Love potion’ or ‘Cupid’s arrow’.

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