All hail
the bus

All hail the bus


Money-saving, flexible bus travel

We’re all looking for ways to save money these days and when it comes to travel, you need flexibility and great value.

Look no further! Stagecoach is your route to wallet-friendly travel savings.

Whether it’s your daily commute to work or a big night out on the town, a memorable day out with old friends (with lots of cake) or watching your home team score just as the whistle goes, there’s a Stagecoach bus ticket to suit you. 

Unlimited Travel with a DayRiderSave 20% with Flexi5Free Concessionary Travel

Great value tickets you don't want to miss 

  • For flexible workers on the move, make friends with FlexiTickets the more you buy on the app, the more you save. 
  • If you like to pack a lot into your day, get onboard with our town DayRider this ticket is fabulously flexible, offering unlimited, all-day travel for under a fiver* 
  • If you qualify for a Concessionary bus pass, enjoy carefree, car-free bus travel.  As the days turn warmer and the nights lighter, it’s time to start planning trips out and what better way to get there-by bus! And without costing you a penny **

So, if you need a route to a cheaper commute, or are simply going out-out, save your money today with great value bus travel from Stagecoach-simply…All Hail the Bus.


* Based on Manchester Flexi5, where daily travel is £4.24. Regions vary. 82% of town DayRiders are £5 or less (May 2022)

**To see if you qualify for free concessionary travel, visit HM Government official page.

Participating regions and local exclusions may apply, see ticket full terms and conditions for more details.