Hospital Direct

Hospital Direct route 59 – to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Catch the bus to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and eliminate the stress of parking in the city. Stagecoach Hospital Direct route 59 is direct, frequent and environmentally friendly too!



electric hybrid launch

The Route

The Hospital Direct route 59 connects:

  • Northfield
  • Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
  • city centre 
  • Balnagask

It leaves up to every ten minutes Mondays to Fridays and up to every twenty minutes at the weekends. Download the Hospital Direct route 59 timetable.

electric hybrid

Why you’ll love route 59

You’ll love our Hospital Direct route 59 as it’s:


  • frequent  –  leaves up to every ten minutes Monday to Friday
  • environmentally friendly – our electric hybrid buses   use a third less fuel and nearly a third less carbon dioxide
  • comfortable – electric hybrid buses are smoother and quieter than a standard bus
  • connected – get free Wi-Fi on board

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