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Why buy Megarider?

Megarider is already one of the most popular tickets sold on Stagecoach Buses in the UK. Here are some of the reasons why our passengers like the ticket so much:

Megarider saves you money

The more you travel on Stagecoach Buses the more it makes sense to buy a Megarider as is offers great value for money and saves money on buying single tickets or when compared to the costs of running a car.

Megarider saves you time

After buying your ticket from the driver, or online through our website, you simply show the pass to the driver each time you board until the ticket expires.

Megarider puts you in control

You can plan your journeys without having to work out the fares beforehand.

Megarider gives you more options

You can travel when you like and how often you like before the expiry date. There are very few restrictions to the tickets, see below for more details.

What is Megarider Xtra?

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Megarider Xtra is our brand new way of buying our popular Megarider ticket, available only on StagecoachSmart. You get the same unlimited travel as Megarider currently offers, but it is the way you buy it that’s new. Megarider Xtra allows stress-free ticket renewal by offering you the chance to set up a automatic payments that will be debited from your debit/credit card on an agreed date every month. Your Megarider Xtra ticket will be stored on your StagecoachSmart travel card and will remain valid until the recurring payment is cancelled.