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It's no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering on public transport in England, Scotland or Wales. We do encourage you to wear a face covering in crowded spaces, if you can

For the latest travelling safely information for England, Wales and Scotland, see our Coronavirus page

Step-by-step guide for using our services

Step 1: Planning your journey

Step 2: Choosing the right ticket

  • Concession card user? No worries - you can skip to Step 3!
  • Our ticket zones have been simplified into three categories: Town, Regional and an All East Scotland Zone
  • If you're not sure which zone applies to your journey, you can view maps here or alternatively use our journey planner to recommend a ticket
  • Full information on our range of tickets is available on our Ticket Guide page and you can also download a PDF copy here
  • Single fares can only be bought on the bus, DayRider tickets can be bought on the bus or our app
  • Longer term tickets need to be bought through our app or online

Step 3: Getting ready

  • Use our live bus tracker to see how far away your bus is
  • Remember to take your mask and hand sanitiser with you when you leave the house
  • Arrive at the bus stop in plenty of time so that you can clearly signal that you wish to board

Step 4: Boarding the bus

  • When you see the bus, remember to clearly signal to the driver that you wish to board
  • Get your ticket, bus pass, or payment method ready - remember we accept contactless payments on board all of our services!
  • Wait for the bus to come to a stop and for the doors to open before trying to board

Step 5: While you travel

  • Remember to follow social distancing guidance whilst on board
  • It might be a bit chilly - keeping the windows open helps with air circulation to help prevent the spread of Covid-19
  • When you want to get off, ring the bell and stay seated until the bus has fully stopped

Step 6: After your journey

  • You can give us feedback on your experience through our web form, here
  • Left something on board? Fill in a lost property form