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Corporate staff travel

Please find detailed travel options below for Corporate annual megarider tickets and travel vouchers.

Annual megarider tickets

We  offer  discounted  annual  tickets  (megariders)  for  your  staff,  with  options  available  for  each  of  our  North  East  operating  areas.  These  tickets  are  solely  for  the  use  of  a  named,  individual  ticket  holder.

This  option  typically  offers  a  15%  discount.  Your  organisation  would  pay  for  each  ticket  in  full,  up  front,  then  your  staff  member  would  normally  reimburse  the  company  on  a  monthly  basis.

Please  find  full  price  list  below:

Corporate annual ticket prices

To  join  our  Corporate  Travel  Scheme  or  for  more  information,  please  contact  our  Customer  Communications  Team:


Monday to Friday 9.00am until 5.00pm


0191  566  0231


Travel vouchers

As  part  of  the  Corporate  Travel  Scheme  we  offer  booklets  of  ticket  vouchers.  These  vouchers  are  available  in  most  of  our  current  ticket  formats  (weekly  and  daily)  and  are  sold  as  booklets  of  50  vouchers.  

Voucher  books  are  an  ideal  alternative  to  handing  out  travel  expenses  to  staff  who  could  use  our  services  to  complete  their  journey.  The  vouchers  could  also  be  given  to  clients  as  a  method  of  helping  them  reach  appointments.

Please  find  our  full  price  list  below:
Corporate voucher booklet prices

A smart alternative

Please note
:  With  the  introduction  of  our  Smart  (paperless)  tickets,  the  cost  of  online  tickets  is  now  significantly  lower  than  those  bought  on-board.  This  has  resulted  in  the  Corporate  Travel  Scheme  offering  a  less  significant  discount  than  it  used  to.

Corporate  travel  representatives  are  therefore  encouraged  to  consider  our  Megarider  Xtra  scheme.  Xtra  offers  customers  the  chance  to  manage  their  own  account,  online,  without  the  involvement  of  their  company.  Customers  benefit  from  our  cheaper,  online  prices  and  can  even  set  up  automatic  monthly  payments,  which  utilises  Smart  technology  to  automatically  renew  the  customer's  Megarider  each  month,  on  their  reusable  smart  card. 

For  more  information  on  Smart  and  Megarider  Xtra,  please  visit:  or  call  our  Customer  Communications  Team  on  0191 566 0231.