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It's no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering on public transport in England, Scotland or Wales. We do encourage you to wear a face covering in crowded spaces, if you can

For the latest travelling safely information for England, Wales and Scotland, see our Coronavirus page

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Corporate staff travel

Please find detailed travel options below for Corporate annual megarider tickets,   travel vouchers and student tickets.

Annual megarider tickets

We offer discounted annual   megarider   tickets for your staff, with options available for each of our North East operating areas. These tickets are solely for the use of a named, individual ticket holder.


This option allows your organisation to pay for employees' tickets in bulk and typically offers up to 10% discount. Participating staff would normally then reimburse the organisation according to its own terms and conditions, usually on a monthly basis.


Please find full price list below:

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Annual Tickets Price 
Newcastle megarider  £661.00 
Tyne & Wear megarider PLUS  £791.00 
Sunderland megarider  £543.50 
South Shields megarider  £561.50 
Hartlepool megarider  £576.00 
Teesside megarider  £596.50 
Teesside & Hartlepool megarider PLUS  £741.50




Travel vouchers

As part of the Corporate Travel Scheme, we also offer booklets of ticket vouchers. These vouchers are available in most of our current ticket formats (weekly and daily) and are sold as booklets of 50.  


Voucher books are a secure alternative to handing out travel expenses to clients and staff who could use our services to complete their journeys and reach appointments.


Please  find  our  full  price  list  below:

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7 day vouchers Price 
Newcastle megarider  £732.50 
Tyne & Wear megarider PLUS £902.50
Sunderland megarider £596.00 
South Shields megarider  £619.00 
Hartlepool megarider  £637.50 
Teesside megarider  £661.50 
Teesside & Hartlepool megarider PLUS  £741.50 
Under 19   


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Daily vouchers
Newcastle dayrider   £212.50
Tyne & Wear dayrider PLUS   £239.50
Sunderland dayrider   £189.50
South Shields dayrider   £189.50
Hartlepool dayrider   £197.50
Teesside daytripper   £232.70
Teesside & Hartlepool dayrider PLUS   £285.50



Student tickets

A new addition to the Corporate Travel Scheme is the unirider student ticket, available at the online price to offer even bigger savings. This option is ideal for universities and colleges supporting full time students with their travel costs.


Unirider tickets can be purchased as Annual tickets or by Term, and each ticket is valid for unlimited bus travel on all Stagecoach North East services, when presented alongside a valid student ID card.

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Ticket type  Price  Validity dates (to & from) 
 Annual  £290  1 Sep 22 - 30 June 23
 Term 1  £127  1 Sep 22 - 31 Dec 22
 Term 2  £127  1 Jan 23 - 31 Mar 23
 Term 3  £127  1 Apr 23 - 30 June 23
 Term 2 & 3    1 Jan 23 - 30 June 23
 Summer    1 Jul 23 - 31 Aug 23


Your organisation can order as many or as few unirider tickets as required, with additional discounts made available on some large orders, subject to confirmation at the point of purchase.


How to join

To join our Corporate Travel Scheme, your organisation will need to complete a credit application. Approval will take up to two weeks.


Once your application has been approved, our Customer Communications Team will provide everything you need to start placing orders.



Get in touch

The Customer Communications Team are here to help Monday to Friday 9.00am until 5.00pm.


0191 566 0231

[email protected]


We look forward to hearing from you!




What if I need to cancel my ticket?

Corporate annual megarider tickets   - we will refund the residual ticket value based on a pro-rata calculation of the price paid and the period of time remaining by reference to the date the refund is requested or last date of use, whichever is the later. Before we process a refund, we will ask for tickets to be returned to us or request photographic evidence of destruction. There is a cancellation charge of £15 which will be applied. To find out more about our refund policy go to our online terms and conditions.