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Sunderland eveningrider

An evening ticket to help you get around Sunderland!

We've  extended  the  new  evening  ticket  that  allows  you  to  travel  across  Sunderland  every  evening  for  just  £2.00.



Offer  available  everyday  from  7pm  on  all  Stagecoach  buses  in  Sunderland

The  eveningrider  is  also  valid  on  service  X24  (as  far  west  as  Hastings  Hill)  and  services  E1,  E2  &  E6  (as  far  as  South  Bents).






See  our  full  network  of  buses  on  the  Sunderland  bus  map.


Download  our  Sunderland  timetables.


For  more  information  about  our  services  in  Sunderland,  please  contact  our  Customer  Communications  Team:


  • 0191 566 0231


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