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Getting to Westgate

Looking at how to get to the Westgate Centre?

Why not think about getting the bus?


How exciting, only a few months now until the new Westgate Centre opens in the heart of Oxford.

Oxfordshire has an excellent network of bus routes connecting all the major towns and cities with central Oxford. You don’t need to drive a car – in fact, using the bus is often more convenient and you can spend the journey relaxing or being productive, rather than focussing on the road.

Westgate Centre

Oxford SmartZone

There are three main operating companies in Oxfordshire, Stagecoach, Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel. 

If your journey is within the Oxford SmartZone you can buy an Oxford SmartZone ticket that can be used for travel on any of the three companies buses. So whichever comes along, you can jump on. 

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Plan your journey

Stagecoach services into the City Centre will be stopping very close to the Westgate centre.

To find information out about the current buses into the City Centre – use our journey planner on the right, it will show you the times of the journeys, the bus stops to currently use and the fares you will pay.


Buying your ticket


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