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Remember, you must wear a face covering throughout your journey, unless you’re exempt. 

East Sussex school buses

Welcome to our schools information page

**Important update**

From Monday 8 March 2021 Stagecoach bus services will be restored to normal pre-COVID service levels across the south east. All school day bus journeys will be running. Stagecoach has worked closely with East Sussex County Council to provide additional capacity to help with busy routes. Please use our   journey planner  to check bus times.

Please read through the following important information:



We’ve been listening carefully to feedback on what extra steps we can take to help people feel safe onboard our buses. One of the measures we’ve taken is to minimise cash handling by not issuing change on the bus. To confirm, we are continuing to accept cash on our buses, but our drivers are unable to give change back. Any over-payments are donated to Demelza Hospice Care for Children. Some of you will have purchased a pass already, this can be scanned on the bus as usual. However we know some of you didn’t want to commit to a long-term ticket in such uncertain times.

Don’t worry, we still have lots of options for you.
1.  Pay with the exact change.
2.  Buy a monthly ticket   on our website.
3.  If you have a mobile smartphone, you can download our app and buy day or weekly tickets straight to your phone.   Find out more here.


The government require all passengers using public transport aged 11 years or more, to wear a face-covering unless medically exempt. Our drivers will remind young people of this requirement, but it is the responsibility of your child to comply. Our drivers will not refuse travel or apply any enforcement measures, but we appeal to students and parents to ensure that this is taken seriously and that a face-covering is worn at all times when on the bus.


Every one of our available buses will be out on the road when schools and colleges return. We'll be running all our usual school day bus services. Our depot teams across the region will be working flat-out to get buses to where they are needed and we’ll continue to work closely with the County Council, and schools, to do everything we can to maximise capacity. We have a range of measures in place to ensure our buses are clean, safe and ready to help get you to and from school from 8 March. 

As we did when schools were last fully open, we’ll be running many of our school day bus journeys as ‘dedicated schools services’. This means they will only be available for young people to board if travelling to and from their place of education. The general public will not be able to use them, and, in-line with government instructions, these buses will be able to carry more passengers. Unlike normal service buses which have a limited seating capacity, these dedicated schools services will allow the near maximum seated capacity of the bus.

All dedicated schools services will have a special destination display that shows ‘School Service’ at the front of the bus, alternating with the route number and destination. As these ‘dedicated schools services’ are for students only, morning journeys will only stop to pick-up students and drop them at school/college. On the way home in the afternoon the ‘dedicated schools service’ will collect students from school/college and then operate as drop-off only at all other stops. You can find a list of all the dedicated schools services below.

Regular service buses have government capacity restrictions. This means that on a double decker bus, we can only carry up to 32 people. Some of our regular bus journeys will be followed by another bus running behind. These buses will be operated by a different bus or coach company contracted by Stagecoach and funded by the County Council. They will be there to provide back-up capacity. We’ve been working with the County Council to decide which journeys will be followed, based on which routes are usually busier. When students return we’ll be keeping a close eye on the busiest journeys so if necessary we can change the allocation of these extra buses to suit demand.

We're urging everyone to check this web page for the latest timetable information. Please also check our Twitter feed @StagecoachSE  for updates as they happen.


Hastings routes:

  • 70 
  • 73
  • 74
  • 359
  • 313 (Northiam to Rye, 0810 journey only)
  • 313 (Rye to Northiam, 1533 journey only)
  • 22 (Silverhill to Harley Shute, 0816  journey only)
  • 22 (Harley Shute to Silverhill, 1520  journey only)
  • 21A (Hastings to Ore, 0807  journey only)
  • 21 (Ore to Hastings, 1519 journey only)
  • 26 (from Helenswood, 1520  journey only)
  • 95  (to/from  Bexhill College)
  • 95  (Claverham College to Little Common, 1530  journey only)
  • 95    (Little    Common to Claverham College, 0730 journey only)
  • 553 (Brookland, New Romney, Greatstone, Lydd. Camber and Rye)


Eastbourne routes:

  • 320 
  • 384 
  • 501
  • 6  (All trips to   Willingdon School)
  • 57
  • 58
  • 252 (Tunbridge Wells - Heathfield College, 0725  journey only)
  • 252  (Heathfield College to Tunbridge Wells, afternoon journey)
  • 252  (Heathfield to Southborough School)
  • 252  (Southborough School to Heathfield)