Kent school bus timetables

Kent school buses

Get to school or college in Kent on one of our Stagecoach bus services. Find the latest Kent bus timetables for your school or college.

Welcome to our schools information page.   

From Monday 4 June 2018 there'll be some wide ranging service changes in a number of locations. The changes are part of our commitment to simplify our timetables and services for all our customers and to ensure that the bus network is sustainable for the long term. We regret that these changes will impact on some of the school-time buses that we operate which is unavoidable because of the way that our services inter-work across the various locations.

We've listed the schools area by area in the tabs below. Simply select your school from the list to view and download a PDF timetable showing all the buses that serve your school from Monday 4 June 2018.


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