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Kent school buses

Get to school or college in Kent on one of our Stagecoach bus services. Find the latest Kent bus timetables for your school or college.

Schools are back on 5 September! (Unless you go to Homewood or Simon Langton Girls, then you'll be going back a few days sooner!)

The timetables below are correct for September 2016. If you're used to travelling to and from school and your school is in the Canterbury or Dover area, please check these out because there  are some changes to bus times.

For all of you who are going to 'big' school for the first time - don't worry , it'll be fun! We've put all the bus timetables for buses that go to your school into one PDF file which you can download  by selecting  it below.  Remember - we're here to help. You can contact us by calling   03456  00 22 99.  Have a great time!


Our tickets

We have a range of great value tickets for children and young people. You may need ID to buy and use your ticket. Take a look at our guide to tickets for more information.


What your ticket will cost

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