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Register your StagecoachSmart card online today!

StagecoachSmart is the smart way to buy your megarider.  It means that when you buy your megarider ticket online for 7 days, 4 weeks or monthly travel, your ticket is supplied on a smartcard instead of a paper ticket.  Once you have your smartcard, then it's yours to keep and reuse.  You can top it up by buying more megarider tickets online, or you can buy a megarider ticket valid for 7 days from the driver on the bus.StagecoachSmart       


New to smart tickets?

If you don't already have a StagecoachSmart card, our driver will give you one when you buy your 7 day megarider ticket on the bus.  Keep hold of it as you can top it up by buying your next megarider ticket from the driver, or by buying one online.


Were you handed a StagecoachSmart card by the driver?

The megarider ticket you requested has been loaded onto the card and all you need to do when you make your next journey is place it on the ticket machine.  

Please keep and register your new smart card to:

  • Help protect it against theft, loss or damage - we can issue  you a new one, transferring any ticket you have loaded  onto the new card so you don‘t lose out
  • Quickly purchase new tickets online    
  • Make use of our dedicated StagecoachSmart card helpline -   if your card isn’t registered we won’t be able to assist

You'll need to create a new account first or log into your existing account – it won't cost you a penny.

Register now

What's in it for you?

  • It's quicker - it speeds up boarding times when megarider tickets are loaded onto a StagecoachSmart card.  The card is placed on our ticket machine and it will beep to confirm you have a valid ticket loaded onto it
  • Added protection - if you register StagecoachSmart card online you've got added protection if you lose it or it gets stolen or damaged.  We can block your current smartcard and issue a new one, transferring any ticket you have loaded onto the new card
  • Dedicated helpline - once you've registered your smartcard card online you can use our StagecoachSmart customer helpline if you have any problems with it
  • No more paper tickets - you can reuse your StagecoachSmart card again and again, there's no need to hunt for your paper ticket each time you board

Don't forget you can also pay for your travel by monthly direct debit with our megariderXtra tickets.  Buy your megariderXtra ticket online and you'll never need to remember to renew it, monthly payments will be taken from your nominated debit or credit card each month and your ticket will be loaded onto your smartcard!

Check out our full range of megarider tickets to see which is best for you or use the journey planner on the right to plan a regular trip and we'll tell you which megarider ticket you'd need for that journey.

Don't forget students can get unlimited travel for even less with a unirider ticket.  Unirider tickets are not currently available on a smartcard.