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Visit Oxford by bus - plan your day out today!

Oxford is a city of dreaming spires, full of fantastic sights to see and explore. Stagecoach have teamed up with Experience Oxfordshire to show you all the best routes around. Get inspired with our top five picks in the area and visit Oxford by bus.


Where to catch the bus 

Use the following bus stops for routes:

  • S1 - George Street stop A3 
  • S2 and S3 - Gloucester Green Bus Station bay 8 
  • S4 and S5 - Magdalen Street stop C4 

How to buy your ticket

Simply buy your dayrider ticket from the driver (in cash) and start exploring. 

View our full ticket range  or plan your journey today. Tell us where you’re travelling from and to so we can provide exact details for your journey.


Our top five attractions

Discovering Oxfordshire by bus is as easy as 1,2,3,4,5!