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Tendering Results

Stagecoach London tendering results have been as follows:

Announced on 13 May 2015

Route 174 at Rainham and 296 and 496 at Romford have been retained.  New contracts will start in October this year. Existing vehicles, refurbished, will be used.

Announced on 3 February 2015

Route 246 from Bromley to Westerham, based at Bromley, has been lost to Go-Ahead who will take over from September 2015.  Route 354 at Catford has been retained and from September will offer a Sunday service.

Late in January it was announced that route 15 at Bow would gain New Routemasters following on from the conversion of route 55 at Leyton.  All of these would be worked in OPO mode.  The displaced hybrids from route 15 will move to route 56 at Leyton.

Announced on 4 December 2014

Route 248 has been retained, for which the current Scania Omnicities will be refurbished.  Routes 498 and 499 have been gained and will be operate with new conventional diesel buses from June 2015.

Announced on 22 August 2014

Route 177 has been retained and will recieve new Volvo B5H/ADL E400 buses from May 2015.

Announced 16th July 2014

Routes 55/N55 and 56 have been retained.  New Routemasters will be used on route 55 and new ADL E40H hybrids on route 56.  The new contracts will begin in February 2015. Older Tridents will either be disposed of or reallocated to other Stagecoach group companies while a decision will be made on the Scanias at the end of this year, when any other consequential changes will be decided.

Announced 10th July 2014

Route 323 was retained, with exisiting vehicles, however, route 488 was lost to Thames Transit from February 2015. A decision will be made on the displaced vehicles around December.

Announced 9th January 2014.

Routes 205 and N205 have been retained, using new ADL E40H hybrid buses.  The contract is also due to start in June 2014.

Announced 19th December 2013.

Route 8 has been retained, using New Buses for London in driver-only mode.  The contract is due to start in June 2014.