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Discounted tickets through your employer

Q. What are the benefits of signing up for travel through my employer?

A. It’s not just your employer who benefits – it’s you. By signing up, you’ll get access to exclusive discounted tickets, making bus travel the smart choice! Did you know that buses are part of the solution to the growing challenges of climate change, congestion and poor air quality? One full double deck bus can remove up to 75 cars from the road – freeing up road space, reducing overall emissions levels and helping to improve air quality. Plus, you don’t need to worry about parking!

Q. Can I only buy tickets to go to and from work?

A. No. The great thing about discounted travel is that you can use your tickets to travel in eligible areas even when you’re not working. 

Q. Can I travel at the weekends and in the evenings?

A. All work and no play makes for a dull life! That’s why your ticket can be used when you’re travelling socially, not just when you’re going to work.

Q. I already have a Stagecoach account, do I need to set up a new one?

A. No, our system is clever enough to recognise your account and switch it over so that you get your discounted tickets.

Q. How do I link my current Stagecoach account with my new work account?

A. You don’t need to do anything. When you use the link you got from your employer to log in to the app, our system knows that you’ve already got an account and makes sure you’re offered the tickets you’re eligible for

Q. Do I need to use the app or can I use my StagecoachSmart card?

A. The special tickets and prices are only available through the Stagecoach Bus App.

Q. Can I buy group/family tickets?

A. No. The discounts are only available for your own travel requirements but our group/family tickets are already great value.

Q: Will I need to show any employment ID when I board the bus?

A. No, you can only buy the discounted tickets on the exclusive app so there’s no need to show the driver your ID. 

Q. I’ve been getting access to the discounts for the past few months but now I can’t see the tickets.

A. Ever wanted to be part of an exclusive club? Well, now you are and to make sure that only eligible people get to make use of the great ticket offers, we need you to validate your account every three months.  It’s easy to revalidate your account, just get a new link from your employer and follow the steps to update your access.

Q: If my phone battery dies while I’m at work will I still be allowed on the bus to get home?

A. No, our driver needs to see the valid ticket on your phone so you should make sure that yours has enough charge before getting on the bus.

Q. I’ve lost/changed my phone, can I transfer my ticket?

A. Not if the ticket is already active. If you’ve got unactivated tickets on your lost/old phone, you can download them on your new device.

Q. The link I got from my employer doesn’t work 

A. Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll get this sorted.

Q. I no longer work for the company, can I still get discounted travel?

A. Unfortunately not, but check to see if your new company has signed up. And if they haven’t, tell them what they’re missing! 

Q. If I buy an annual ticket and I leave my job with my employer, will my ticket still be valid?

A. This will depend on the agreement between us and your employer. If you’ve paid the full ticket amount yourself then you’d normally be allowed to keep your ticket until it’s expired. If you’re asked to give up the remaining portion of your ticket then the remaining value would normally be refunded to you.

Q. Does the discount work with other bus operators?

A. Our agreement is with you and your employer so we can’t extend it to other operators in your area.

Q: I have a discount code, can I use it for these tickets?

A. The tickets are already discounted so you can’t combine it with another special offer.

Q. I’ve heard from my employer that I can get discounted tickets but I’m not sure how to access them? 

A. You heard correctly! Just tell your employer that you’d like to sign up and they’ll give you a link to the exclusive app.

Q. How do I find out where (and when?) I can use my ticket?

A. You can find the terms and conditions for your ticket on the app.

Q. What types of tickets are available for discounted travel?

A. There are a variety of tickets available depending on the area you’re based in. Check with your organisation for more details.

Q: How do I buy tickets for my family when they travel with me?

A: We offer great value family tickets on our website or standard Stagecoach Bus App. Plan your journey here.

Q: Why can’t I see the discounted ticket options on the app?

A: Make sure that you’re logged in to the app using the link your employer gave you. If you’re sure you’re in the right app and you still can’t see the ticket options, get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll look into it for you.

Q: I’ve got query that isn’t covered here – who should I contact for support?

A: Please contact our dedicated customer service team on [email protected]

Q: How long are my tickets valid for?

A: Once you buy your ticket you’ll have three months to activate it.

Q: Do I need to still upgrade the app when prompted?

A: Yes please. We’re constantly looking at ways to make our app that little bit more helpful so when an update is released hit update to see what’s new!

Q: How do I get a refund on my ticket?

A: Our standard refund policy applies for 7 day tickets. Please look at  your specific ticket  T&Cs for more details  . For longer ticket duration's, check with your organisation.

Q: I’ve forgotten my Stagecoach account login details password

A: You can reset this by requesting a password reset to the email address your account is linked to.