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Student bus travel | Frequently asked questions

Can I get a discount on student bus travel?

Yes! We offer a range of student passes which offer a great saving compared with standard tickets. What’s even better, once you have your ticket loaded onto your StagecoachSmart student card, unlimited travel is at your fingertips, meaning you only need to worry about having enough money for cheesy chips on the way home on a Saturday night.

How much is a student bus pass?

That’s a good question and not one that can be answered in just one sentence. There are loads of different options and the prices vary depending on the area you’re based in and how often you want to travel.  Check for ticket prices specific to your area.

How do I buy a student bus pass?

It’s quick and easy to buy your pass online and you’ll get your bus pass through the post in around three working days. You’ll get a StagecoachSmart student card to use on the bus each time you travel.  Already have a StagecoachSmart student card? No problem! Just reload your card by choosing “Select a smart card” at checkout.

Your student card is registered to your Stagecoach account to safeguard it against theft, loss and damage.

In some areas you can buy your ticket on the Stagecoach Bus App or purchase a paper ticket at a Fresher’s fair or at your Students’ Union so keep an eye out on campus.


What ID do I need for a student bus pass?

You need to show your student photo ID whenever you use your StagecoachSmart student card and the name on both should be the same. If the name on your Student ID doesn't match your StagecoachSmart student card you'll need to contact us 0345 810 1000 or [email protected] and we'll arrange for a new card to be sent to you.

If you can’t show your ID to a member of Stagecoach staff when asked, your StagecoachSmart student card may be confiscated and you’ll have to pay the full fare.

Check which Valid photo ID is accepted in your local area to support your StagecoachSmart student card.


Can I buy a student ticket on the Stagecoach Bus App?

Yes, in some areas you can and we'll be adding more options in the future.

How do I use my student bus ticket?

Most of our student tickets are now uploaded to a smart card. When you get on the bus, tap your StagecoachSmart student card on the reader and show the driver your student ID. If you’re using a paper ticket, show the driver the ticket and ID at the same time. 

How do I check how long the ticket on my StagecoachSmart card is valid?

Log in to your account and go to My Tickets. Here you can find information about start/end dates, travel restrictions and terms & conditions.

How do I top-up or add a new ticket to a StagecoachSmart student card?

Rather than topping-up your card with cash, choose the Buy Again option in your Stagecoach account. It’s quick and easy to do and lets you use the same StagecoachSmart student card each time. It can take up to two days for your new ticket to be active, so plan ahead to make sure you’re all set to go whenever, wherever (in the immortal words of Shakira!).

If you need to add a different type of student ticket to your current card, log in to your Stagecoach account and add the ticket to your basket then checkout. Don’t forget to choose ‘Select a Smart card’ under the ‘Select/Add a Smart card’ menu and select your existing StagecoachSmart student card. 

As the name suggests only student tickets can be added to your StagecoachSmart student card, not standard dayriders or megariders etc.

Can I buy a student bus pass for a full year?

In some areas you can buy a pass for the full (academic) year. Find out what's available in your area.

Can I pay for my student pass in instalments?

We can’t offer a payment plan for your StagecoachSmart student tickets however you can buy your tickets at different points throughout the year, usually at the start of a new term. This will spread the cost but the annual (academic year) tickets often work out at the best value.

Where can I use my student bus ticket?

Generally, if you can get there by bus with Stagecoach, then you can go there with your student bus pass. Check the services available in your area before you buy.

Can I use my student bus pass in other cities?

You can only use your student bus pass in the area detailed in the terms and conditions for your pass.

Can I use my student pass at night?

Yes. While there are some exclusions for night buses in certain areas, you can generally travel all day with your student pass.
Wave goodbye to walking home from campus in the rain; say ta-ta to expensive late-night taxis. All you need is your bus pass and your student ID and you’re sorted!

I live in halls of residence, how can I be sure my student bus pass will get to me?

To be on the safe side, it’d be best to have your StagecoachSmart student card sent to your home address so that you have it before moving in to halls. If this isn’t possible, give us as much information as possible – building name, floor number, room number and full postal address – to make sure your card has the best chance of getting to you at the halls.

My StagecoachSmart student card hasn’t arrived – who do I contact?

Give our StagecoachSmart customer services team a call on 0345 810 1000 or email [email protected] and they’ll help you out.

What do I do if I lose my StagecoachSmart student card?

If your card is registered the card to your Stagecoach account you’re protected against theft, loss and damage. It’s a valuable item, though, so please try to look after it. If you do lose it, get in touch with us on 0345 810 1000 with a crime reference or lost property number from the police.

Can I cancel or get a refund on a student bus pass?

Of course, if you find that you don’t need your great value student bus ticket anymore, you can get a refund, subject to our standard terms and conditions. Simply log in to your account on our website and select the Manage My StagecoachSmart section of MyStagecoach or call 0345 810 100. Find out more about how we calculate refunds

Can college and school children get a discounted student bus pass?

Yes and no. While the student pass is for students at participating colleges and universities, some Stagecoach areas offer discounted travel for school-aged children, apprentices and under-19s. Check to see what’s available in your area.

Is there an age restriction for who can buy a student bus pass?

No. We know that the love of learning has no age limit so why should the student bus pass?! As long as you have the relevant student ID and go to a participating uni/college you’re all set! 


Check the table below to see what ID is accepted in your area.

Valid photo ID

Scroll table horizontally to view table content

 Area Student ID Accepted

North Scotland

NUS card

West Scotland NUS card, TOTUM, College/University ID (either physical card or digital ID), Unidays app
East Scotland College/University ID, TOTUM card, NUS extra, International student ID
North East NUS card, College/University ID, photographic student ID
Cumbria University ID
Manchester Any photographic student ID
Merseyside College/University ID, NUS card
Yorkshire NUS card, TOTUM card, NUS apprentice card
Midlands University ID
East Midlands College/University ID
South Wales College/University ID, mytravelpass (where necessary)
South NUS card, College/University ID
South West University ID
West College/University ID
East College/University ID, TOTUM card (ID will be issued for school-aged children)
South East Check terms & conditions of tickets before buying