Electric Optare Solo buses in Inverness – zero emissions


Stagecoach are proud to introduce a new £1.1 million fleet of zero emissions electric buses in Inverness.

The five new Optare Solo buses are the first fully electric buses of their kind to be used in Scotland. 


Why you’ll love our Optare Solo buses

The vehicles are: 

  • comfortable – low vibration levels, low noise levels, smooth acceleration and breaking
  • accessible – low floors provide easy access for all passengers
  • stylish – distinctive Inverness ElectriCity branded buses have a modern and stylish interior
  • environmentally friendly – zero emissions 


Where they run

Optare Solo buses operate in Inverness on the:

  • service 7 which runs  from Raigmore Estate to Culduthel 
  • service 9 which runs from Academy Street to Queen Street via South Kessock


How they work

The Optare Solo is powered fully by electric and produces low carbon and zero emissions.  

The eco-friendly buses look identical to a conventional bus but have an electric power pack instead of a conventional gearbox and engine. The buses are operated using the Magtec P144 zero emission vehicle drive system. 

They’re powered via two x26 Valance Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate batteries.  These can be charged fully in six hours using the 15.2kW on-board charger.

Fast charging points have also been installed in the bus station and depot. When these are used, the buses can reach full charge in just two hours! The Optare Solo can run between 70-95 miles per full charge.

Regenerated energy is controlled through the brake system. The energy is stored and used to maximise the distance the bus can travel before recharging.

The controls of the Optare Solo are almost identical to conventional diesel buses.  The vehicle’s top speed is 56mph (90km/h).